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Milly Dent 'Wally' Dog Bowl

The Wally bowl is designed by Sydney-based designer and artist Milly Dent. Custom-made in her Marrickville studio, the Wally bowl features a tall opening enough to keep floppy ears neat while pups savour their favourite time of the day. The bowl is made of hand-casted porcelain, and comes in two shades: Milly Dent Signature ‘Black Swirl’ and ‘Day Trip Green’. For ease of cleaning all bowls are dishwasher-safe. The bowl is named after Wally, who is Milly Dent’s Springer Spaniel. They are occasionally spotted swimming together in rock pools around Clovelly.


A copy of Dog Trip Sydney and is included with this purchase. 


170 x 170 x 80 mm
Capacity 1100ml
Dishwasher Safe
Australian Porcelain & Pigment or Chartreuse Glaze
Made in Sydney, Australia

Milly Dent 'Wally' Dog Bowl Milly Dent 'Wally' Dog Bowl Milly Dent 'Wally' Dog Bowl

Milly Dent 'Wally' Dog Bowl